How to create an Event Website

How to create an Event Website

So, you are planning to host an event and invite as many people as you can? Whether you are throwing a corporate party, webinar, or even a client party, a dedicated event site is an effective tool to create an online presence and generate buzz for an upcoming event. You can regularly update ticket sales, event descriptions, special offers, and content to keep your visitors engaged. An event website will help you improve your reach, boost your event brand, and optimize ticket purchases for a successful event.

Fortunately, creating an event website does not have to be overwhelming. With WordPress, you can use the built-in functionality and install event-related plugins to build your event site.

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In this post, we will go through a quick-step guide to get your event website up and running and reasons why our pre-built WordPress websites are the best choice for your event site. Let’s get to it!

Choose a flexible and scalable hosting plan. The first step to creating an event website is choosing a hosting plan. When picking a hosting plan, there are a lot of options and factors to consider. For your event website, be sure to look out for hosting plans that will meet your site needs in terms of expected traffic, amount of bandwidth, etc. We recommend our enterprise solutions, which are easy to get started with and manage. Plus, they come with a free pre-built WordPress website, giving you access to all the tools you need to get your event site off the ground, right out of the gate! Our Business/Organization hosting plans are flexible and scalable to meet the growing needs of your event website, and they also offer you the best, secure performance possible.

Pick a theme for your event site. After you have installed WordPress, you can now pick a theme for your event site. Choosing the perfect theme for your site is a crucial step when building a site. WordPress has a collection of built-in templates and quality event website designs available. You can easily find templates for various event types, such as conferences, parties, forums, business meetings, etc. Ensure you take stock of your needs and the features you want before browsing for the perfect theme. With the large selection of plugins, customization tools, and themes to choose from, you can build a site that meets your event vibe and branding requirements.

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Customize your event site. Chances are multiple sites are using the same WordPress themes that you chose. Therefore, you want to customize your event site to give it a unique look and feel that aligns with your brand. Make sure to add event and e-commerce plugins to your event website to handle registration data, guest lists, or ticket sales.

Promotional & Marketing efforts. After you have successfully built your site, now is the time to get the word of your event out there and increase ticket sales. Incorporate your social media handles into your site to make it easier for your guests to share with others. You can also customize your social media posts with slogans and hashtags to increase user engagement.

Our pre-built websites offer WordPress themes with built-in functionality to help you easily create a website. Plus, you can search for specific event themes, and we will help you customize them to a beautiful, fully functional event website.

Hopefully, these tips have eased the burden of getting your event site off the ground.

Get in touch with our team of experts for help with building and customizing your pre-built WordPress website.

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