How do I get private nameservers for my Reseller account?


Is it possible to get custom nameservers for my Reseller account instead of using the generic ones the account comes with?

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It is possible to customize your Reseller account to have private nameservers. Generic nameservers are e.g., will be automatically allocated unless you request for private nameservers. Our support team will help you with the registration and set up of the nameservers.

Is it a must to have private nameservers? What are the benefits?

Private nameservers are optional. The major advantage is that they help you brand your company. As a reseller, you can customize everything and build your own brand without your clients knowing where you’re getting services from. The other advantage I think is key is that in case you move from one server to another, you don’t have to adjust nameservers for all your clients because they will not change.

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