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Top 5 Cybersecurity Trends In 2021

As Technology evolves almost daily, businesses have had to change the way they operate to go along with the trend. Those that have effectively aligned themselves with technological trends have benefited immensely. Ironically, though, the diversification of technology has brought with it an unending wave of cyberthreats and businesses are bearing the brunt of it all. 

Data breaches keep growing in volume and complexity. While some are harder to keep out, others keep happening almost daily and on different spots of the same target.

As businesses seek a recovery route to normalcy, here are key cybersecurity trends that have risen to define business operations.

  • Remote Working

Remote working has become a top trend in 2021. It is almost entirely due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic. With major and developing economies still experiencing wave after wave of the pandemic, it seems likely that remote working is going to be here for some time. Even though most businesses reluctantly took up remote working because of government directives, most businesses are now considering adopting it after all; and it’s all down to its popularity with the working class and business people. Businesses must, however, ensure that all their employees are utilizing or accessing business software and systems with secure and tested devices. Studies have found interesting remote-working-related cybersecurity incidents that all businesses must beware of.

  • Insider Threats

With remote working now effectively a new norm, there has been a spike in insider threats. While some are voluntary, others are more complex and distributed. Remote working gives businesses limited ways to monitor, mitigate or prevent insider attacks. Most of the insider threats are a result of misuse of devices as well accessing business software and systems on unsecured networks. With remote working expected to continue, businesses have to devise smart ways to deal with insider threats. As a business owner, you can sail through by ensuring all your employees adopt best practices in online conduct including using strong passwords, adopting two-factor authentication, constantly scan their devices and ensure they are ‘clean’ and free of dangerous viruses and potential malware, install effective antivirus and avoid visiting malicious sites.

  • Data Privacy

Data privacy impacts all levels of a business. From the CEO down to the very bottom levels of the business set up, data privacy is a key component of all operations. With growing concerns as well as pressure on Tech Giants, data privacy is and will be an even more significant discipline.

  • Artificial Intelligence

As cyber threats continue diversifying and becoming complex in their formations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen as an alternative and long-term solution to understaffed businesses. With AI, a business can get help analyzing resources, traffic access as well as employee conduct on business software and systems and give detailed reports on the same. This greatly reduces the time taken by security personnel to analyze and identify possible threats to the business. Although it has its shortcomings, businesses have utilised AI to a great effect in 2021. More businesses are set to integrate it into their operations with time.

  • Security Automations

Inadequately experienced cybersecurity staff has pushed businesses towards choosing to automate security processes. Based on pre-established procedures, the automation helps eliminate repetitive security operations meaning the operations are executed fast and with fewer errors. Automation has risen to prominence with the onset of Covid-19 and remote working. It is to be even more prominent in the coming days.

As a business owner, being aware of technological and cybersecurity trends will help you stay afloat and integrate necessary changes when it is time. Securing your business is just as important as achieving sales targets. We are committed to helping our clients survive during these challenging times. We provide Immunify360 for advanced next-level protection. With Immunify360, you get 6-Layer security with advanced firewall protection, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Malware Detection and Proactive Defence. All this is automated and tailored towards ensuring that all suspicious activities on your site are detected, prevented and that you are notified of the threat in its very initial stages.


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